I have found that I do find the greatest joy when I serve.

26 Apr

(April 20th)

The yard look well kept, you never really needed me.

I don’t even need to send pictures because you see all of them before I can send them haha, before I see them too.

I think Tawny will go to France or in the USA New York.

Its weird to already be planning my return home, it’s coming up too quickly. I am loving the mission more and more, I saw such an excited and happy Ward this week, the Bishop is awesome, we get so much food, and our investigators and recent converts are all progressing excellently. One of our investigators asked to be baptized at church and marked her own date of baptism, I have been amazed at home my we have done here and how little of it was us that did it, it could only be the Lord that can make such a large difference. It has been very difficult to work in the two cities and I am very tired but it was one of our best weeks.

I have found that you really do find the greatest joy when you serve.

I hope you have a great week one and all

Love you guys

Com Amor, Elder InmanApril20152

(April 13th)

I sure will try my best after the mission to always be helpful to you guys. I sure do owe you guys a lot.

Also Enoch has very long hair…

How is that growing fence going in the front yard, has it had some good progress, and the peaches, are they good?

I hope to each some good food from the garden when I get home, I’ve missed it a lot.

This week was great, though not very easy, we have had to cover two areas, and they are in two cities, so we travel between the two frequently to work in each one, it has been a trip. But we do like the two areas, and the church is located in the other city so that’s nice. Also we have a house there too, and it’s with a member and they like giving us some great food. My birthday was great as you have seen in the video.

I love the mission and I can’t wait to see what happen in the next few weeks. I hope that all goes well for you all, and that you can see the Lord in each day.


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