luckily the mosquitos have lost their taste for my blood

17 May

(May 11)

It was very cool to speak on skype for the last time with you all, though it was more of a ´´see you in a couple weeks´´ type deal. I’m also glad to know what I’ll be doing when I get home. I think this will be the fastest 3 weeks of my life, the members are already talking about my going away, this is my last week to find new people that I can see the baptism of, and there is just too much to do. I’ll be sprinting, literally this month. I found my twin as I mentioned, he was born also April 6th 1994, but I forgot to mention that my companion also found his twin, a young man in the ward. This week we would have had a baptism but she got dengue, a lot of people here are getting it, it’s pretty bad, you lose plates in your blood and it get worse and worse and you lose energy and get fever and need to go to the hospital a lot, and just about everyone here has gotten it, but luckily the mosquitos have lost their taste for my blood, I have been safe from it.

I am very excited to see you all soon, and I’ll try to make my time here the best used.

Love you all

Elder Inman

may 2015 I May 2015 II Mother's day hangout

(May 4)

It has been a while since I’ve felt cold, it might be good if I become like a normal person and start feeling the cold a little more so that I don’t sweat so much in the heat, I think I have improved with that one.

It sure does look like you all had a lot of fun, I can’t wait till I can do stuff with the family again, though I’m not in a rush, I will also like to jump into the water.

The pics do make me happy, I don’t really think I have ever felt homesick, I think I was blessed not to get that.

I hope Tawny gets her call this week I would love to see her open it.

My new companion is Elder Valenzuela, though he is not from Venezuela, he is from Honduras. It will be a very fun Last transfer will him, he is very easy going and smart, so he will learn the language quickly, we don’t have too much of a language barrier.

This week was a very special one for me because we baptized the mother of the first baptism we had in this area, after 4 months of working with her she was baptized and it made her son, her and me very happy.

Also at sacrament a couple of our recent converts shared their testimony, it was very touching.

I don’t have a picture to send of the baptism but Im sure Josue has already posted it on facebook.

I hope you all have a great week

One more month

Com Amor,

Elder Inman

(pic credit to Josue!)

April 2015 birthday 2 april 2015 birthday 3 April 2015 birthday April 2015 III

(April 27)

I hope to finish the Book of Mormon before I return home I am finishing Alma now, this will be the 7th time I will finish it on the mission, but we are marking in blue everything we see on of Christ’s names, it’s pretty cool. We just had my last transfer, I will stay in these two cities, but I will now be a trainer and a district leader, that is exactly what I had wanted from the beginning of my mission to end training, now I can say to my comp when he asks me how long I have on the mission ´´I have less months than you do years´´ that will be fun.

I am very excited, I will get to work a lot and I will try to make this the best transfer of my mission, though it will only be 5 weeks and this week will go quick because of transfers.

We have two baptisms marked for Saturday, it will be amazing, there is a very wealthy man in our stake who has taken to one of our recent converts and he will go to the baptism because it’s our recent convert’s mom who will be baptized. We worked a lot this week, we taught 50 lessons this week, we had some great family night activities that we did and we have some great activities planned.

It is weird that the others are going home this week but I am super happy that I asked to stay one more, it doesn’t feel like my mission should have ended this week.

I hope you all have a great week and that the peaches live.

Com Amor, Elder Inman


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