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we had a wonderful baptism

12 Apr


I didn’t get to see any pictures, but I am sure Easter was fun, an Inman Easter is always a good one.

Also I found out there is an Elder Inman serving in Indiana, he’s From California, an investigator confused him for me when she looked for me on FB.

We had a baptism for Easter, it was awesome, and it was of a great family. That was a very nice B-day Present.

I loved Conference, I learned so much, I find it gets better each time. I did miss a lot of it though because we had to prepare the baptismal font, and it wasn’t draining so we had to scoop it all out with a bucket, my companion did it. But it all worked out, and we had a wonderful baptism, there wasn’t enough room in the room for all the people to sit or enter.

I really like the talk on grace, and on our agency.

It was also interesting how much the church has been focusing on freedom of religion and marriage.

I hope you all have a wonderful week, I know I will, I’m 21, so strange. (President gave me a silk tie for my birthday, it made the other Elders Jealous haha)

Com AMor, Elder Inman



it will be an awesome baptism

5 Apr

Man! I am so excited that we will have a temple so close, I hope to see the open house and dedication.

I am also very happy to see you had such a great conference. I am supper excited for this one it will be amazing and we hope to have 4-6 baptisms this day if all goes well, 4 would have been this week but the bishop wanted to do more for this family so he asked us to re-mark it for next week, it will be an awesome baptism.

I love the gospel so much and I am so happy to know that we are being led by living prophets, what they say to us now is even more important than the others said in the past. I know that they are inspired, I am studying the talks from last conference and I have found so many small treasures from it.

I hope you all have a great conference, I’ll have bunches to say afterward.

I am also so grateful for all those who have helped so much in my mission, I couldn’t do this all alone, I am sure.

I hope you have a great week.

Com Amor, Elder Inman

I can’t imagine it being better

19 Jan

Well I Did have a great week, This baptism was a special moment for me on my mission, when the Young man that I baptized left the water he was touched and he asked if he could say something. So after switching our clothes he bore a strong testimony to the group gathered for his baptism, it was great for his mother and girlfriend to here and they both went to church the next day. It was the first baptism here since they opened the Area and it looks like the Lord wants a group started here, it is such a great city to work in. I do love the mission, it is almost all pure joy for me. The harder moments pass by so quickly and I’m left with the sweet memories, I can’t imagine it being better. I hope you all have a great week and that you enjoy the vegan ice-cream for me, I can’t wait to try some of it.

I will pray for you all and I hope that this will be a great week.

Com Amor, Elder Inman  Jan2015


Well I’m glad to hear that school is great and I hope you don’t miss very much of it. I do miss that cold weather though, it has gotten hot again here. But that’s ok because it has been a very good week. We will have that baptism this week, I am very excited, this man is extremely elect and he is very smart, I will be home before he make his way for Indiana, it will be cool to see him there. I was a little scared because we were in the Gospel principals class and there was a man there who had just been baptized a week ago but was visiting the church for two years, and when he had said that the professor said, ´´see everyone has the right moment to be baptized, for some its a month and others its years, so don’t feel rushed, and he said it directly to our investigator, so right after class we asked if we could announce his baptism in sacrament, he almost asked for more time be he accepted, now it is certain, and everyone went up to him to congratulate him afterward. There will be a bunch of people at the baptism. We also had another family visit the church, they are great and we hope to help them get ready for the baptism as well. I love this mission so much. I hope you all have a great week, and that you can stay a little bit warm.

Also I am quite known here for interpreting dreams, it’s interesting, and people are saying that I have the special ability to look into the soul, cool right….

Com Amor, Elder Inman

There is a lot happening here

11 Jan
What a new beginning.

So much happens in two years, I can’t believe it’s already the new year, when we arrive on the mission people say…you won’t leave this year nor the next, only the next. Well now I’m in the last of those. I hope that the transition runs over smoothly.

For our new year we stayed at hope and we drank a green juice, I will make some for you all when I get back.

Well this week was amazing, that man that I mention last week received an answer that the church is true, he loves the church, and he’s very smart, he studies everything and remembers it all, even the names of people, like the 11 testimonies of the book of Mormon. He will be baptized on the 14 with all hope. I love how much the Lord does for us, there is a lot happening here, it will be great to see this city grow.

I hope you all have a great new year, It will be a good one for me.

Espero  que vocês lembram que Deus é nosso pai e vai derramar muitos bençãos sobre vocês este ano.

Com Amor, Elder inman

Christmas was great, I did love to see everyone, though I do believe that it is more for seeing than for talking:) I can’t believe how much things have changed there, and also how fast time is going by. This Christmas my companion and I just bought some ice-cream and watched a little bit of 17 miracles, that was cool, but that’s about it, and Christmas lunch was incredible, I think I’m gaining weight again. I hope that the rest of the winter goes healthfully for you all and that you all can get some snow there. I’m glad also to see that the ward is growing, try to be a good friend with everyone that enters the church, life is changing so much for them. I also got excited by David’s Pj´s that’s cool. This week was incredible, we go to a small side city here to have lunch on Saturday, it’s like Rye, everyone knows everyone, and I found out that there was an older American who lived there so I asked for them to show me where and we went there, we knocked on the door and an older man just like Grandpa, dads side answered the door and said ´Mormons, real life Mormons here at my house´ than he said ´I’m a member we’ve been looking for the church here. How cool, he invited us in gave some strawberry cake and talked a lot about his life, he’s very funny, and he bout some snacks for us to, he asked for us to teach his wife because she is a member but doesn’t know very much yet, and they want to get married in the temple. He is 81 and she is 25 but she really does love him. Another great experience:

We were walking down the street and my companion hesitated a little and I asked if he would like the knock on the door to our right, so he did and a young man invited us in, we taught a great lesson and by the end we had discovered that they had skipped church the moment we had knocked and that that had been search for a church for them, the young man had prayed the day before for God to show him the right path, and also to help him in his search to move to Indiana next year, how much more exact can god be than to send a missionary from Indiana, they said  without hesitation that they will go to church, and in the end I explained that we have 9 families here who are members than he responded saying, ´now you have 10´. How cool that experience was.

I wish you all a great new year. Feliz Ano Novo

Com Amor, Elder Inman  Dec 2014 7 Dec 2014 8

Christmas Day Hangout:web eve web harrison


Well I hope that all will work out to do the skype(hangout) at 5 oclock my time.

I have a new companion named Elder Pinto, it is funny because his name can be used in a vulgar way and many people say that he must suffer for it, but his has pride for his family name. We are in an area called Senador Canedo, there are few members here and still no group the few members here go to the church in another city close by, this area has been opened for 3 months and has never had any baptism, our goal is to begin baptizing here to show that great possibility of forming a group and a branch here. I feel very good about this area and my companion is very excited so we will see many miracles. I will just be a DL here, but I am also excited to help out this district.

I am glad to see the gingerbread houses, it looks so fun, I will be excited to one day eat ginger bread again. and I love sharing with people about our Christmas traditions, that love the one about our Christmas pjs and theater. I will have more to talk about at skype. But this week we had a great mission Christmas celebration, lots of food, and here we had two choir shows one, in a small city next to us, they sang very well, and it was fun to see and listen to, I love the spirit of Christmas and hope that you can all share it in the way you live. I love my Savior and as such I want to do what he would want to do. Thats why I’m so happy here.

Feliz Natal

Com Amor, Elder Inmandec 2014 5 Dec 2014 6

This was one more amazing week.

15 Dec

Well this week is transfers and I was transferred so I still don’t know where or with whom I will be, but I will know this week, I imagine that I will be doing it around 3 or 4 o´clock.     I am sad to be leaving but we had a great district conference and we had an amazing baptism. I don’t know how I got to be blessed to see the conversion of such an amazing family. We didn’t get to do much during the week, our work was more for the next week because to conference was in rio verde and the bus only had space for 50 so we didn’t invite our investigators. But rio verde has grown so much, I am very glad to see how close this district has gotten to be a stake. I also have loved to see this branch grow so much. I feel like I am leaving family behind here.

You guys can start to talk one with another to see who would like to go with me when I return to visit every one, preferably during the Olympics., I will need money but I have places to stay for free, people willing to give food, and I speak the language. Man! I love the mission. And I will get home running, no need to stop till the end. I love you all. Com Amor, Elder Inmandec 2014 4dec 2014 3


 (Dec. 8th)

We have been cut on how much time we have to use the computer, that’s why the email was a little shorter, but I will write you first for now on.

First I will respond your question, yes they do have black Friday, but it is not quite like ours, they just raise the price before and bring it back down to the normal price, and they have it a few times each year.

I will look to see if I can find a cool Brazilian nativity, that would be cool.

It is weird to see some of the others returning already, I feel so bad for them, it is not very common for Americans here to have their parent pick them up, but it does happen, I do see a few.

Yes we can use google and we have transfers this next week so I will have to wait till then to schedule our time. And luckily it has been much cooler here lately, very good.

Well this week really was amazing, we had the 5 baptisms, and the sisters had 1 so that was 6 baptisms and 6 confirmations, that was a blast, and it made an impression on the branch. One of the young men in the ward said the equivalent in his testimony, ´´I´ve never seen so many confirmations, I mean that’s like crazy´´

The baptisms were more from the families we had baptized the first month I was here and 3 weeks ago, it I so cool to see those families grow in the church, the young woman who was baptized 3 weeks ago said she had been fasting to see her family be baptized and finally got to see it, she was also called as the Gospel principle teacher, this week we will have the baptism of her aunt.

One more cool thing that happened this week was we helped a wounded parrot, the other elders found it on the street, and we gave it a house for one night waiting for the president to get him, it was fun, and he even began to repeat us.

I hope you have a great week, Com Muito Amor, Elder Inmandec 2014 1dec 2014


(Dec. 1st)

Another great week, we had pamonhas and chocolate cake for thanksgiving, we have some great people that live here. And this week we had the baptism of one of the grandchildren of the woman that was baptized 2 months ago, it was great, we had 32 investigators visit the branch this week and an increase of 55 people in our frequency this week, many miracles are always happening and we can see that the lord is preparing the people that will help this branch grow very quickly, I love this work, I am excited for the baptism that we will have in the following week, I get more and more excited each week to be part of this work, the Lord is close. I hope you all had a great week and that you can find joy in each moment. Love you all very much.dec 2014 2

Com Amor, Elder Inman

This was one of the greatest weeks of my life

17 Nov

That is a simple recipe (pizza dough), the only problem is that there is now way to know what temperature the oven is at, it only has high, medium and low, the blessing of gas ovens, old gas ovens. But I will try it out.

I think I walked more than David in his whole mission in just one week here, it’s incredible how much we walk, it’s very normal for me to walk many miles each day, and sometimes I need to run, literally run, though we are always walking at a running pace, I felt bad for my companion when he arrived, I think he suffered a little adapting to walking so fast.

This was one of the greatest weeks of my life, I loved each minute, the lord is blessing this ward very much. When I arrived here the attendance frequency was the high 60´s and low 70´s, it had jumped up to the low 90´s and this week for ward conference it was 120, we had 23 investigators, many miracles, who were present to hear the amazing talk given by Pres. Souza. All enjoyed it. my companion and I were blessed with the ability to pass our goals. We did have a great baptism, it was one of the greatest I have ever seen, the young woman that was baptized is extremely amazing.

I will check about the Google hangout and see what happens.

Thank you for your prayers and all you do for me I will remember you all in my thoughts and actions.

Also I have a huge testimony of praying and fasting, I will never go without it.

I hope you all have a great week.

com Amor, Elder InmanNov 2014 IV

the people are extremely amazing people

16 Nov

(Poor Missionary didn’t get an email from mom this week…)

Well this week was an amazing experience, I have found that each days passes a little faster and each moment is a little more precious, we have found amazing progress here in Jataí, it appears that the Lord is preparing many individuals to help this branch grow and become a strong union, the people that we are working with are extremely amazing people and the Lord will use them to do so much here and in other places. I know that this is the Lord’s church and that he is guiding it, and all the rain that we walk through and all the hot days have just helped my testimony grow of the importance of this work, Elder Trent is an amazing companion and we will work miracles together. I am so happy to be part of this work especially right now in this moment of time, I hope all is going well there for you guys and that you are being blessed in all that you do.

com Amor, Elder Inman