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we are finding many great men who are leading their families

29 Mar

Spring here is Fall, So we are in Fall now which is nice, I felt like we have been blessed lately, it hasn’t been quite as hot, it’s been in the 80s recently, I think I have been able to stop sweating so much also, which is great, I remember at the beginning of my mission I was literally dripping sweat all day every day.

I don’t actually have to bad of a farmers tan, though my arms are much darker than my belly, it’s a gradual transition, but you will be able to see even a tie tan line.

Yes I heard about Eve I’m excited for her, we write each week, I can tell she´ll do great.

I am super excited for David and Camden too, it is true that every super hero needs a side kick.

I think I only miss the cold and the water for now, it would be nice to jump in a pool about now haha

I keep a journal but I have negligent a little for a couple months but I was writing every day, we have a lot less time as Zone Leader to write, but I’ll whip myself back into shape for that.

This week was excellent, we had so much fun, we taught so many great people, a lot of new people visited the church this week, and it seems we are finding many great men who are leading their families, that a nice change, the lord really is preparing this area to open a branch, the stake wants to open a branch, and just skip the step of group, so they will get ready to open the branch this year, and the lord is preparing the leaders.

I will have many stories to share that even if I give a thousand talks I won’t use them all up.

I hope you all stay warm and happy, I’m so grateful for my family, it’s the best.

I love you all so much, Com Amor, Elder Inman


it’s incredible to see the faith of the people

15 Mar

Well the number of people going to church from this city is always growing, and it’s incredible to see the faith of the people that are willing to go to another city to visit a church they had never known before when there are so many other churchs right next to them. This week we had one more baptism and we hope to have baptisms each week here, I’m not sure if I’ll stay here but I sure would be happy if I did, I think it’s the best area in the mission now, funny, it was one of the worst when I arrived. We have so many people that are so great and that have so much desire to find the truth, we have a few families that I can see as the future bishops and leaders of the church here, but unfortunately it will be hard to open a new branch because they are wanting to stop expanding and start strengthening what we have in this area, but I still have hope they will open a branch here soon. I have had such a great week we had very good numbers this week, and we are seeing the results of our hard work.

I will have a lot of stories to tell after the mission because I just don’t have the time to tell them here, but I have some good ones from this week. I also got a letter from one of my recent convert families, it was awesome, it said that they are all great, that she is now teaching seminary and gospel principals, that her mom is in a calling in the library and her aunt is in a calling in public relations and is planning a service project, and that her cousin got the priesthood and is passing the sacrament, it amazes me how well established they already are, it was a great treat to read about that.

Also, the president showed us a bunch of new church material that is prepared to help the missionaries get back in to life and success really quick, and he said that it isn’t necessary to think about our plans for after the mission until the day we get on the plane. I will think and pray about Utah though.

I love you all so much and hope you have a great week.

I also loved the pics

Com AMor, Elder InmanMAR20155 Mar20156

I love how great the work is here

8 Mar

(mar 2nd) 

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Well it looks like you have already seen the pictures from my week, haha it was a great week, I love how great the work is here. We hope to have baptisms each week now,

I love the mission, and it goes by faster and faster, I am getting better and better though, I haven’t lost any steam here, I will go hard to the end. We are having a lot of success. I can’t wait to see a branch open here.

I hope that all goes well and that it isn’t to difficult to say bye to your Sister, I know sometimes members cry when a good missionary leaves. Also I will worry about the whole writing people thing when I get back, I couldn’t possibly be the one to start writing someone.

I hope that things continue to go well there I will pray for you all, and I am happy to hear about eves success too.

i hope you have a great week.

Com Amor, Elder Inman

(Feb 23rd)

One of the strange fruits in Brazil…mar20153

This week was awesome, although the other Elder was sent to another area already.

We had 13 at church this week and we should have a few baptisms this week.

I have found that each week we are having more and more success and time is flying more and more quickly.

We have worked a lot more with the members this week and we are doing a few activities in their houses, we also were invited to the birthday party of one of our investigators and I gave her a dollar bill, that a good present here in Brazil, and it was the only dollar bill I had.

It may be cold there but it is very hot here, though we did get some pretty good rain storms that was nice to cool off.

I love the mission and can’t wait to tell you all all the fun stories.

Have a great week

Com Amor, Elder Inman

(Feb 16th) 

We are now in a threesome, the president was praying and he felt like this elder can learn something important with us to change his mission.mar20152

We are having such a great time here, we had 14 people visit the church this week and many more that wanted to but couldn’t because of it being the week of Carnaval.

By the way, Carnaval is from Satan.

The families are progressing well for the marriage and the baptism, I will return for when they get sealed in the temple. The man could be a future bishop, or stake president with this type of family, they are great.

I am having such a great time and I will pray that you all have a great week.

Com Amor, Elder Inman

we will have many baptisms here

15 Feb

I believe it is close too  , the President made this area the zone leaders area so that we can really work well here and open this branch, if it was the president’s choice it would already be open. We had 20 people visit the church this week, 11 from here, it was incredible, we will have many baptisms here, we have two families which are preparing to get married here, so that they can get baptized, it take 30 days here to get married, so it will be a month, but one of them is make huge sacrifices to have the wedding sooner, it’s incredible, they could wait to get married a few months and it would be cheaper, but the want me to be here to see it so they are willing to pay more than a thousand dollars. The picture is a picture of that family. So much is happening and I’m very excited. I am also inspired by your focus in doing a kind act each day, I will try to do the same. And I loved it in the past when I had my date with the parents, that’s so fun.feb2015IIIfeb2015iifeb2015

I hope you all have a great week.

Com Amor, Elder Inman

I think they will open a branch here any minute

8 Feb

(Feb 2nd, 2015)

I am very glad to see the great week that you guys had, a baptism is the best thing that can happen, and I’m glad dad got the chance to do it. Also I’m glad that you guys are having fun in Burris, I bet Danni and Enoch are doing great there, and that you danced very well also (referring to Bill & Kristie chaperoning homecoming). 

I will begin to try to plan out everything a little more. But that sounds like a fun possibility (Referring to rooming with Matt Shrack).

This week was transfers for us, I wasn’t transferred but my companion was and my new companion will be zone leader with me here in Sendar Canedo, Presidente sees a lot of possibility here, I think they will open a branch here any minute. Each week we have more people visiting the church from here, the Family was there, but they need to get married, but they all accepted to be baptized, it will be very cool. I am excited by the missionary work and hope that you guys are feeling the blessings by my service and that you all can continue having great missionary experiences. Love you all so much

Also we had a fun experience, when i arrived here we gave a box of chocolate to the bishops wife with a note of thanks, she recently had a baby so i hadn’t seen her much, but one month latter she said she was so happy to receive our present and she wanted to give us lunch, so she did and the bishop has seen our great work and he told us that we have gained his confidence and wants to work a lot more in the missionary work, something that has never happened before, so was sat down for a while just to discuss ideas about what we can do to help the ward move forward and open a branch in Senador Canedo, it was realy good.

Com Amor, Elder Inman

(Jan 26th, 2015)  Jan 2015Well it does look like I have managed to extend my time on the mission, he didn’t let me extend one more year but at least I have one more month, so yes it will be June 4th. I hope that doesn’t ruin any of your plans back home, I am certain that this will bless you guys a lot back home. It is fun to see the pictures, I can’t believe how much Enoch has grown, and it’s good to see Eve hasn’t gotten chunky from all that Utah food.

I am so glad that dad does such a great job in his church service, he is a great example for me, and many Brazilians know him here, both for his beautiful art and for his great example. I used him to give a talk this week. We also had 6 people visiting church this week, a large family, they could be one of the families of my dream to baptize, they are so great, and there was a talk given perfect for them, I sure do hope that they decide to be baptized together. Danilo also received the priesthood that was cool.

Also the American was at church, which was fun, he loves it here, it looks like they are planning to stay.

I do love the mission and life, though they are not easy, I hope and pray that many blessing are being sent your way. I love you guys so much.

Com Amor, Elder inman

I can’t imagine it being better

19 Jan

Well I Did have a great week, This baptism was a special moment for me on my mission, when the Young man that I baptized left the water he was touched and he asked if he could say something. So after switching our clothes he bore a strong testimony to the group gathered for his baptism, it was great for his mother and girlfriend to here and they both went to church the next day. It was the first baptism here since they opened the Area and it looks like the Lord wants a group started here, it is such a great city to work in. I do love the mission, it is almost all pure joy for me. The harder moments pass by so quickly and I’m left with the sweet memories, I can’t imagine it being better. I hope you all have a great week and that you enjoy the vegan ice-cream for me, I can’t wait to try some of it.

I will pray for you all and I hope that this will be a great week.

Com Amor, Elder Inman  Jan2015


Well I’m glad to hear that school is great and I hope you don’t miss very much of it. I do miss that cold weather though, it has gotten hot again here. But that’s ok because it has been a very good week. We will have that baptism this week, I am very excited, this man is extremely elect and he is very smart, I will be home before he make his way for Indiana, it will be cool to see him there. I was a little scared because we were in the Gospel principals class and there was a man there who had just been baptized a week ago but was visiting the church for two years, and when he had said that the professor said, ´´see everyone has the right moment to be baptized, for some its a month and others its years, so don’t feel rushed, and he said it directly to our investigator, so right after class we asked if we could announce his baptism in sacrament, he almost asked for more time be he accepted, now it is certain, and everyone went up to him to congratulate him afterward. There will be a bunch of people at the baptism. We also had another family visit the church, they are great and we hope to help them get ready for the baptism as well. I love this mission so much. I hope you all have a great week, and that you can stay a little bit warm.

Also I am quite known here for interpreting dreams, it’s interesting, and people are saying that I have the special ability to look into the soul, cool right….

Com Amor, Elder Inman

There is a lot happening here

11 Jan
What a new beginning.

So much happens in two years, I can’t believe it’s already the new year, when we arrive on the mission people say…you won’t leave this year nor the next, only the next. Well now I’m in the last of those. I hope that the transition runs over smoothly.

For our new year we stayed at hope and we drank a green juice, I will make some for you all when I get back.

Well this week was amazing, that man that I mention last week received an answer that the church is true, he loves the church, and he’s very smart, he studies everything and remembers it all, even the names of people, like the 11 testimonies of the book of Mormon. He will be baptized on the 14 with all hope. I love how much the Lord does for us, there is a lot happening here, it will be great to see this city grow.

I hope you all have a great new year, It will be a good one for me.

Espero  que vocês lembram que Deus é nosso pai e vai derramar muitos bençãos sobre vocês este ano.

Com Amor, Elder inman

Christmas was great, I did love to see everyone, though I do believe that it is more for seeing than for talking:) I can’t believe how much things have changed there, and also how fast time is going by. This Christmas my companion and I just bought some ice-cream and watched a little bit of 17 miracles, that was cool, but that’s about it, and Christmas lunch was incredible, I think I’m gaining weight again. I hope that the rest of the winter goes healthfully for you all and that you all can get some snow there. I’m glad also to see that the ward is growing, try to be a good friend with everyone that enters the church, life is changing so much for them. I also got excited by David’s Pj´s that’s cool. This week was incredible, we go to a small side city here to have lunch on Saturday, it’s like Rye, everyone knows everyone, and I found out that there was an older American who lived there so I asked for them to show me where and we went there, we knocked on the door and an older man just like Grandpa, dads side answered the door and said ´Mormons, real life Mormons here at my house´ than he said ´I’m a member we’ve been looking for the church here. How cool, he invited us in gave some strawberry cake and talked a lot about his life, he’s very funny, and he bout some snacks for us to, he asked for us to teach his wife because she is a member but doesn’t know very much yet, and they want to get married in the temple. He is 81 and she is 25 but she really does love him. Another great experience:

We were walking down the street and my companion hesitated a little and I asked if he would like the knock on the door to our right, so he did and a young man invited us in, we taught a great lesson and by the end we had discovered that they had skipped church the moment we had knocked and that that had been search for a church for them, the young man had prayed the day before for God to show him the right path, and also to help him in his search to move to Indiana next year, how much more exact can god be than to send a missionary from Indiana, they said  without hesitation that they will go to church, and in the end I explained that we have 9 families here who are members than he responded saying, ´now you have 10´. How cool that experience was.

I wish you all a great new year. Feliz Ano Novo

Com Amor, Elder Inman  Dec 2014 7 Dec 2014 8

Christmas Day Hangout:web eve web harrison


Well I hope that all will work out to do the skype(hangout) at 5 oclock my time.

I have a new companion named Elder Pinto, it is funny because his name can be used in a vulgar way and many people say that he must suffer for it, but his has pride for his family name. We are in an area called Senador Canedo, there are few members here and still no group the few members here go to the church in another city close by, this area has been opened for 3 months and has never had any baptism, our goal is to begin baptizing here to show that great possibility of forming a group and a branch here. I feel very good about this area and my companion is very excited so we will see many miracles. I will just be a DL here, but I am also excited to help out this district.

I am glad to see the gingerbread houses, it looks so fun, I will be excited to one day eat ginger bread again. and I love sharing with people about our Christmas traditions, that love the one about our Christmas pjs and theater. I will have more to talk about at skype. But this week we had a great mission Christmas celebration, lots of food, and here we had two choir shows one, in a small city next to us, they sang very well, and it was fun to see and listen to, I love the spirit of Christmas and hope that you can all share it in the way you live. I love my Savior and as such I want to do what he would want to do. Thats why I’m so happy here.

Feliz Natal

Com Amor, Elder Inmandec 2014 5 Dec 2014 6